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Camp Broadway Indonesia: Cultivating Indonesian Talent on the Global Stage

Updated: May 28

(Written by Rumaisha Ghina)

The Indonesian youth never cease to proudly bring the name of Indonesia to the limelight, whether it be in the form of sports, academics, or even the arts. Empowering young Indonesian talents on an international stage is Camp Broadway Indonesia (CBI), with a mission to foster self-confidence, hone skills, and cultivate individual talents. Founded as a platform for training children and teenagers in singing, dancing, and acting through musical theater, CBI has evolved into a powerhouse of talent development in Indonesia. At center stage, CBI has recently participated in The New York Pops 41st Birthday Gala at Carnegie Hall, New York City.

The New York Pops, renowned as the largest independent pop music orchestra in the United States, provided the perfect stage for these Indonesian performers to showcase their skills. Under the baton of Music Director and Conductor Steven Reineke, the orchestra celebrated its 41st anniversary while paying tribute to music icon Clive Davis. The success of the young performers did not begin here; however, their resume has consisted of multiple impressive performances, such as holding the Camp Broadway New York Mainstage and participating in the Festival Musikal Indonesia in late October last year.

Led by Adit Marciano, the Artistic Director of CBI, Ajeng Sharfina Adiwidya as the acting instructor, Moe as the Vocal Director, and Kezia Haniel and Grace Wijaya as Choreographers. The young performers’ journey began with auditions held in Jakarta. Out of the auditions, five exceptional individuals were selected: Brian Luzenora Harefa, Hyori Dermawan, Janina Gaia Joesoef, London Abigail Dimitri, and Tifanny Kimberly Utama. These young stars, ranging from ages 12 to 13, were chosen under the guidance of Susan E. Lee, the founder of Broadway Education Alliance (BEA) Inc., and Theo Lencicki, Director and Choreographer of Camp Broadway Ensemble New York.

As Adit Marciano aptly expressed, "Camp Broadway Indonesia is very proud to bring five talented Indonesian children to perform alongside legendary star Clive Davis. Hopefully, this moment can serve as motivation for Indonesian children who have talent in dancing, singing, and acting." This performance was a testament to the talent and potential of Indonesian youth. Sharing the stage with Clive Davis and performing at Carnegie Hall marked a significant milestone in the journey of these young performers, serving as both validation of their hard work and inspiration for future generations. With each performance, CBI reaffirms its commitment to excellence, ensuring that the voices of Indonesian youth are heard and celebrated on the global stage.



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