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Renjana Cita Srikandi: Unleashing the Potential of Indonesian Women

Women are the heartbeat of our communities and the backbone of our societies. Despite their crucial roles, many women still face barriers and discrimination that prevent them from fully realizing their potential. To address these challenges and promote women's empowerment in Indonesia, Leet Media proudly presents Pertamina Renjana Cita Srikandi.

At a heartfelt press conference at Dion, Senayan Park, South Jakarta, Leet Media’s Chief Marketing Officer, Indah Setyani, shared the vision behind “Renjana Cita Srikandi.” The name itself is powerful: “Renjana” means a deep passion, “Cita” signifies aspirations, and “Srikandi” symbolizes a brave and valiant woman. Together, they create a platform dedicated to empowering courageous women who are determined to achieve their dreams.

Fadjar Djoko Santoso, Vice President of Corporate Communication at PT Pertamina Persero, also attended the conference. He emphasized that Pertamina Renjana Cita Srikandi aligns with Pertamina's mission to uplift and empower women. This initiative supports the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises' (BUMN) goal of having 25% of strategic positions occupied by women.

“At Pertamina, we are committed to reaching this 25% target through various initiatives, including the Pertiwi program, which aims to prepare women for leadership roles. Women already hold many key positions, including our CEO, Ms. Nicke Widyawati. We hope this event will inspire more women to follow in her footsteps,” Fadjar expressed passionately.

Scheduled for May 17-19, 2024, at Senayan Park, South Jakarta, the event’s slogan, “Energizing You, Elevating Each Other,” captures its essence: to inspire, motivate, and empower women, while fostering a spirit of collaboration.

Over three days, Pertamina Renjana Cita Srikandi will feature Talks, Workshops, Exhibitions, and Artistic Performances, focusing on three core themes: Karsa, Kriya, and Karya.

Karsa aims to inspire and boost confidence through motivational sessions with guest speakers, including celebrities and female community leaders. It’s about igniting the passion and ambition within every participant.

Kriya is about honing practical skills, highlighting the importance of craftsmanship in business. This program offers workshops and live demonstrations from renowned Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Karya provides a platform for women to express their creativity in art, fashion, and music. Exhibitions, fashion shows, musical performances, and traditional dances will celebrate the beauty and diversity of Indonesian culture, inspiring others with their creativity.

The event features insightful sessions and fun activities such as:

  • Day One: Talks by Putri Tanjung, Frederika Alexis Cull, Dr. Reisa Broto Asmoro; Cooking Demo by Devina Hermawan; Performances by Tiara Andini, Nadin Amizah.

  • Day Two: Talks by Nicke Widyawati, Maudy Ayunda; Cooking Demo by Chef Marinka; Performances by Yura Yunita, Salma Salsabil.

  • Day Three: Talks by Najwa Shihab, Maria Jochu; Cooking Demo with Sambal Bu Rudy; Performances by Marion Jola, Isyana Sarasvati.

Indah Setyani hopes that Pertamina Renjana Cita Srikandi will extend beyond May 19, 2024, continuing in other cities to strengthen and empower Indonesian women in all aspects of life, creating a lasting positive impact.

Fadjar Djoko Santoso echoed these sentiments, expressing his hope that the event would energize and empower the women who attend, fostering a future with more empowered Indonesian women.

If you’re inspired to join this empowering event and connect with other incredible women, you can get your tickets through the My Pertamina app. For more information, visit the official Instagram @renjanacitasrikandi or the website at


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