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The Value of Unity in the Story of Zainuddin

Indonesian literature continues to captivate readers with profound words and timeless wisdom. Renowned Indonesian philosopher, Islamic scholar, and writer, Abdul Malik Karim Amrullah, also known as Hamka, shares profound messages through his famous love story, "Tenggelamnya Kapal van der Wijck" (The Sinking of the van der Wijck).

The novel tells the tragic love story of Zainuddin, a half-Minang, half-Makassarese man, and Hayati, a pure Minang woman. Hamka uses this story to criticize the discriminatory traditions against mixed-blooded individuals in Minang society. However, he also conveys a powerful message about the diversity of Indonesia and the importance of national unity. Zainuddin's testament in the story expresses Hamka's ambition to unite people across the archipelago, empower women, eliminate outdated customs, and promote progress aligned with the nation's values.

To promote Hamka's message, undergraduate students majoring in Event Management at Prasetiya Mulya University organized a special event called "Dimensi Rasa" (Dimensions of Feeling). Their mission was to foster multicultural unity and create a platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions to come together under the main theme of "Beda tapi Satu" or "Unity in Diversity."

The offline event took place at Tebet Eco Park in South Jakarta and focused on the theme of unity inspired by Zainuddin's powerful declaration. The highlight of the event was the immersive experience of the Dimensi Rasa's Mission Hunt, where strangers become fellow participants and form teams to compete in various games. The winning group in each game earned a character sticker, which they could exchange for ship pieces. The objective was for each group to collect all the ship pieces and arrange them to form complete ships.

The last stage of the event symbolized the essence of Zainuddin's testament. Participants from Dimensi Rasa arranged their ship pieces, forming complete ships as a collective effort. The event concluded with an unforgettable moment of triumph and joy. The Dimensi Rasa's Mission Hunt successfully brought Hamka's message of unity to life by transforming strangers who were initially competing into a unified entity. They supported and complemented one another to build the ships piece by piece, emphasizing the importance of unity in diversity.


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