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Modal Percoyo: Grab x Ndarboy Genk's Ojol Anthem

In the lively realm of dangdut music, where infectious melodies often take center stage, there emerges a poignant narrative that transcends the stereotypes associated with the genre. Ndarboy Genk, one of today's acclaimed Dangdut artists, unveils his latest single, "Modal Percoyo" inviting listeners to explore the profound stories embedded within the vibrant tunes.

Amidst the beats and rhythms, "Modal Percoyo" unfolds as a musical chronicle inspired by Ndarboy Genk's personal stint as a Grab driver in 2018. It sheds light on the often-overlooked struggles of ojek online (ojol) drivers, who navigate the chaotic streets of Jakarta, facing challenges that extend far beyond the catchy tunes associated with dangdut.

Ndarboy Genk's lyrical storytelling unveils the resilience of these unsung heroes, as they tirelessly strive to overcome life's hurdles, often putting their families' needs ahead of their own. The song subtly challenges the stigma surrounding dangdut, demonstrating that beyond the lively beats, there lies a profound narrative waiting to be heard.

"Modal Percoyo" captures a unique essence observed by Ndarboy Genk—a reliance on faith as a driving force for ojol drivers. It speaks to their unwavering commitment, emphasizing the importance of belief, effort, perseverance, and prayers as they navigate the intricate web of life on the streets of Indonesia.

Mayang Schreiber, Chief Communications Officer of Grab Indonesia, acknowledges the collaboration with Ndarboy Genk, emphasizing the alignment of the song with Grab's ethos of promoting trust within the Indonesian community. The partnership aims to spotlight the deeper messages embedded in dangdut, challenging preconceived notions and fostering a greater appreciation for the cultural significance of the genre.

"Modal Percoyo," produced by Mabes Balker, retains the traditional Javanese dangdut style with its characteristic "ambyar" touch. Through melancholic yet dance-worthy lyrics, the song beckons listeners to reflect on the resilience of ojol drivers, creating a bridge between the vibrant melodies of dangdut and the profound stories it encapsulates.

In celebrating this collaboration, it becomes evident that dangdut, often misunderstood and overlooked, serves as a powerful medium for storytelling. "Modal Percoyo" invites us to peel back the layers, recognizing the depth and meaning within dangdut music, especially when intertwined with the resilience of communities like the ojol drivers.

As the tunes of "Modal Percoyo" echo, it encourages us to listen beyond the surface, acknowledging that within the lively beats of dangdut, there are stories waiting to be discovered—stories that speak to the human experience, challenge stereotypes, and celebrate the indomitable spirit of those often overshadowed by the melodies that define their journey.


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