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Miring: From Soil to Sip

Miring, a beverage company rooted in the essence of Minuman Ringan (soft drinks), derives its inspiration from the creative minds of Indonesia's youth, co-founders Yoga and Seto, and driven by a passion to craft drinks using the bountiful gifts of Indonesia's natural treasures.

At the heart of Miring's mission is the narration of cultural diversity intertwined with Indonesia's rich natural wonders, fostering discussions that celebrate the inseparable connection between culture and nature. In the midst of conversations and debates, Miring aims to preserve both culture and the environment, ensuring an everlasting legacy.

Miring envisions itself as a refresher that creates good vibes when people gather. Through its range of products, Miring aims to refresh the mind, tantalize the taste buds, and inspire creativity.

One of Miring's signature variants is Mugiwa, a concoction of herbs born from a heartfelt desire for well-being. The name, derived from “Mugi Waras'' (“May you recover quickly”), is inspired by the story of a child crafting herbal remedies for a flu-stricken mother. Over time, Mugiwa became a symbol of wellness, embraced by many for its refreshing blend of spices, rich in health benefits.

Another delightful offering is Merona, a vibrant concoction of asam maram (tamarillo). The name, meaning bright red and an abbreviation of “meroket naik” (to soar), symbolizes the hope that consuming this beverage will invigorate individuals, propelling them to the pinnacle of success. Merona not only promises a burst of freshness but also supports local farmers cultivating tamarillos in Sintang, Kalimantan Barat, contributing to the prosperity of the region. The flourishing growth of the tamarillo acts as a reliable indicator of the overall health of the peatland (lahan gambut). It suggests that the peatland is in good condition, providing an environment conducive to the successful cultivation of tamarillo plants.

The Kejora variant, crafted from moringa leaves, ginger, aloe vera, and pineapple, embodies the meaning of Bintang Timur (Eastern Star). This blend, referred to as the "Miracle Tree," aims to provide a magical experience, akin to witnessing the light of the eastern star, leading to encounters with life's wonders. In a collaborative effort, Kejora supports moringa farmers in Sigi, Sulawesi Tengah, advocating for the recognition and benefits of moringa across Indonesia.

Miring, beyond being a refreshing beverage, is a beacon of support for local communities, especially farmers. By embracing Indonesia's spice richness, Miring not only delivers delightful drinks but also cultivates a sense of responsibility towards the environment and the well-being of those who nurture it. As long as Indonesia's soil continues to yield these spices, Miring envisions a future where the country’s health and wealth coexist harmoniously.


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