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  • Akhmad Zahran Nurrafi

“Kidung Asih” by Akhmad Zahran Nurrafi

This photoshoot portrays the story of a wealthy Javanese wife who had lost her beloved husband, a wealthy landowner who had provided her with all forms of riches. However, after her husband's demise, the widow was overwhelmed with a sense of loneliness that engulfed her life.

During her period of grief and solitude, a young Balinese man who worked at her residence captured her attention, and over time, love blossomed between the two individuals from seemingly different worlds. Through this unexpected relationship, the widow realized that love cannot always be measured by material possessions.

Rafi, the photographer, also mentioned a cultural reference from which he drew inspiration for this photoshoot: Tari Truna Smara Sekar, which tells the story of a Sundanese woman of low socioeconomic class who fell in love with a Balinese aristocrat. In order to marry the prince, the Sundanese woman was willing to give up her culture, which was a big part of her identity.

Through this photoshoot, Rafi strives to seamlessly incorporate traditional Indonesian cultural elements by featuring the 'wastra' in all of the images. The Javanese elements are carefully chosen and imbued with a modern, elegant touch. Wealth and opulence are represented through elaborate accessorizing and intricate headwear reminiscent of Javanese kraton attire.

The subdued color scheme in the initial scenes reflects a sense of loneliness and tranquility. As the Balinese male character enters the frame, the colors start to come alive, with vibrant hues dominating the clothing choices, showcasing the woman’s cultural transformation. This editorial seamlessly blends fashion photography, styling, make-up and hair artistry, and floral design, all of which have been conceived and executed by Indonesian creatives.


Models: Lubna of 2 Icons Management,

Jindan of Alter Models, Dhiya of Who Knows Models

Photographer: Akhmad Zahran Nurrafi

Retoucher: Satriya Wildan Kurnia

Make-Up Artist: Geode Dinar Fitriannisa

Fashion Stylist: Muhammad Zakky Irshananda

Hair Stylist: Eva

Fashion & Accessories Credits: KALLA rona, SEVATURE, Farhan A. Daffa, House of Jealouxy

Florist: Something Sentimental Flowers


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